Here's just a small sampling of the trail projects we have completed in 2017 and 2018.



Spring Trail: Alpine, Utah

The Spring Trail is located in Alpine, UT.  We made a few reroutes to remove a few sections of fall line trail and improved drainage and cleared the trail corridor on a mile of trail.



Three falls trail bridge: alpine, ut

Wasatch Trails Company partnered with Trail Ace Construction to build this beautiful 25 foot bridge in a drainage above Sliding Rock in the Three Falls Subdivision mananged by Pine Valley Realty.


Sensei trail: Lehi, ut

Wasatch Trails Company design and built a new 5 mile cross country mountain bike trail for the City of Lehi. The Traverse Mountain Trails Association is raising funds to expand on this trail system in the near future.

Completed Projects from 2002 through 2018:

2002 Projects with Eastin Outdoors

1. Craighead Forest State Park, Crowley's Ridge Nature Center Trail.  Jonesboro, Arkansas

2. Woodland Edge Community Trail. Little Rock, Arkansas

3. Landscaping and rock work at Eastin Residence. Fayetteville, Arkansas

4. Sherwood Subdivision Nature Trail.  Sherwood, Arkansas


2007 Projects as Butterfield Publishing (now Chainring Adventures)

1. Slaughter Pen Mountain Bike Park Phase 1.  Designed and built 5 miles of singletrack trail.  Bentonville, Arkansas.

2. Black Bass Lake Trail.  Built 1.5 miles of singletrack. Eureka Springs, Arkansas


2008 Co-owner of Progressive Trail Design

1.  Slaughter Pen Mountain Bike Park Phase 2. Designed and built an additional 5 miles of singletrack trail.  Bentonville, Arkansas.


2012 Projects with Alpine Trails

1. Ham Trail. Park City, Utah

2. Lower Utah Olympic Park Trail.  Kimbell Junction, Utah

3. Pinecone Ridge Trail. Park City, Utah.

4. Sam's Trail.  Park City Utah

5. Lower Speedbag Trail Improvements.  Handbuilt trail.  Park City, Utah

6. Pinebrook Trail System Maintenance.  Kimbell Junction, Utah

7. North Salt Lake City Flow Trail.  North Salt Lake City, Utah

8. Maple Hollow Downhill Trail.  Draper, Utah

9.Private backyard pump track. Sandy, UT

10. Ropes Course trails at Utah Olympic Park. Kimbell Junction, Utah


2013 Projects with Progressive Trail Design and Alpine Trails

1. Greenwood City Park Trail.  Greenwood, Arkansas (PTD)

2. Two Rivers Bike Park. Nixa, Missouri. (PTD)

3. Upper Maple Hollow Trail. Draper, Utah

4. Lower Creek View Trail. Draper, Utah

5. Bonneville Shoreline Trail retaining wall.  Draper, Utah

6. Eagle Point Ski Resort Flow Trail and crosscountry trail. Beaver, Utah

7. Ogden Bike Park. Ogden, Utah.

8. North Salt Lake Hiking Trail. North Salt City, Utah

9. Upper Speedbag Trail Improvements.  Wood Berm.  Alternate lines and rock drop. Park City, Utah

10. Mid Mountain Trail Log Ride. Park City, Utah

11. Park City Mountain Bike Festival pump track. Park City, Utah

12. Avenues Pump track. Salt Lake City, Utah

13.  Victory Ranch Flow Trail and crosscountry trail. Francis, Utah

14. Pinebrook Trail System Maintenance. Kimbell Junction, Utah

15. Upper Olympic Park Trails. Kimbell Junction, Utah

16. Snowbird Ski Resort crosscountry trail in Gad Valley.  Snowbird, Utah

17. Mojave Trail. Park City, UT

Mojave Trail. Park City, UT.

Mojave Trail. Park City, UT.


2014 Projects with Trail Ace Construction

1. Bonneville Shoreline Trail. Ogden, UT

2. Cold Water Canyon Trail Construction. Ogden, UT


2015 Projects with Trail Ace Construction

1. Utah Olympic Park Trail Design and Construction. 5 mi loop. Park City, UT

2. Victory Ranch Gravel Surface Trail 1mi. Francis, UT

3. Mountain Green Subdivision Trail Design and Construction. 1 mi. Mountain Green, UT

4. North Fork Park Trail Design. Liberty, UT

5. Mid Mountain Trail Realignment and Construction. Park City, UT

6. Trail Maintenance Project. Arastadero Preserve. Palo Alto, CA

7. Trail Design and Construction. Private Land Owner. 1.5 mi Redway, CA


2016 Projects with Trail Ace Construction

1. South Maple Hollow Trail Design and Construction. 1.5 mi.  Draper, UT

2. Bonneville Shoreline Trail Reconstruction. Draper, UT

3. Three Falls Trail Design and Construction (East side of Project). Alpine, UT

4. Olympic Trail Design. Utah Olympic Park. Park City, UT

5. Trail Design. 6mi Weber Pathways.  Eden, UT

6. Eagle Crest Trail realignment design. Draper, UT

7. Private Land Owner Trail Design. Marcus.  1 mi trail. Park City, UT

8. Ski Jump Hiking Trail Design 1 mi. Utah Olympic Park.  Park City, UT

9. Lower Creek View Trail Reconstruction and realignment. Draper, UT

10. Upper South Maple Hollow Trails Reconstruction. Draper, UT


2017 Projects with Trail Ace Construction & Rogue Trails

1. Trail Design and Construction. Mountain Bike Trail 2mi. Private Land Owner.  Redway, CA

2. Trail Construction and Maintenance. 1500 ft. City of Alpine, UT

3. Trail Design and Construction of Three Falls Trail(West Side of Project). 1.5 mi.  Alpine, UT

4. Trail Design and Construction PorK U Pine Trail. 1mi . Draper, UT

Pork U Pine Trail. Draper, UT

Pork U Pine Trail. Draper, UT

5. Trail Design and Construction Peak View Trail. .5 mi. Draper, UT

6. Drainage Work on Peak View Double Track. 1mi. Draper, UT

7. Trail Design for 2.5 mi trail. Lehi, UT

8. Trail Design Private Trail. 1 mi. Victory Ranch, UT

9. Gravel Surface Trail, 1 mi. Victory Ranch, UT

10. Trail Construction of Ski Trail. 1500 ft. Colony Development. Park City, UT

11. Trail Design of Hiking Specific Trail. 2000 ft.  Draper, UT

12. Trail Design and Construction of Woods Hollow Trail. 1.7 mi. Draper, UT

13. Reconstruction of Eagle Crest Trail 1.5 mi. Draper, UT

14. Drainage Work on Brock’s Trail. .5 mi.  Draper, UT

15. Drainage Work on Canyon Hollow Trail. 1mi Draper, UT

16. Drainage Work on Clarks Trail. 1.5 mi. Draper, UT

17. Road deconstruction and rehab.  1200 ft. Draper, UT

18. Trail Design and Construction. Bonneville Shoreline Trail.  1700 ft.  Sandy, UT 

19. Trail Design and Construction. Mercer Mountain Trail.  .5 mi.  Draper, UT

20. Trail Design & Construction. Camp Orr Trails.  1 mile.  Jasper, AR w/ Rogue Trails


2018 Projects as Wasatch Trails Company, Partnership w/ Trail Ace Construction & work for Rogue Trails

1. Trail Design & Construction. Camp Orr Trails.  1.5 miles.  Jasper, AR w/ Rogue Trails

2. Trail Design & Construction. Sensei Trail. 5 miles. Lehi, UT

3. Trail Design & Construction. Lexi & Ethan Memorial Trail. 0.7 mile. Draper, UT

4. Trail Design & Construction. Three Falls Subdivision: 2.5 mile Lehi Spring Trail and 1.5 mi Entrance Trail.  Alpine, UT.

5. Trail Design & Construction.  Mercer Mountain Trail. 1.3 miles.  Draper, UT. Corner Canyon Trails Foundation.

6. Trail Design & Construction. Ghost Falls Hiking Trail. 1 mile. Draper, UT. Corner Canyon Trails Foundation.

7. Trail Design. Paul Krauff Subdivision. 2 mi. Alpine, UT.

8. Trail Maintenance & Reroute Proposal. Dry Creek Trail. 0.5 mile. Alpine, UT.

9. Trail Design & Construction. Logan Bonneville Shoreline Trail. 0.6 mile. Lifestyle Homes.

10. Trail Design. Sandy Bonneville Shoreline Trail. 1.6 mile. Sandy, UT.

11. Trail Design, Trail Construction, and Trail Maintenance. Spring Trail. 2 miles. Lambert Park in Alpine, UT.

2019 Projects as Wasatch Trails Company

1. Trail Design, Trail Reroutes, Trail Closures/Naturalization & Construction. Dry Creek Trail. 0.5 miles. Alpine, UT.

2. Trail Design & Construction. Herriman BST. 1.6 miles. Herriman, UT